• Acrylic wool?
  • Seam not straight
  • How are they made?
  • Annual Renewal
  • Gauge
  • 2ply?
  • Cottage License

    Q: Acrylic wool?
    Is it ok to make your longie and soaker patterns out of acrylic wool?

    A: Of course. You just won't have the absorbancy and advantages of the 100% wool. But there are quite unique yarns available in acrylics.
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    Q: Seam not straight
    Should the seam on the legs be straight?

    A: Yes, the seam should be straight. Hdc completely around the leg in all the stitches from the previous row, it sounds like you are missing a stitch each round.
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    Q: How are they made?
    What are the Snipz patterns made of? And what do I need to know how to do?

    A: The Snipz patterns are made of felted recycled 100% wool sweaters and a unique crocheted edging that puts them all together. All you need to know is how to do the slip stitch and single crochet. No sewing machine required. Although you need to have a washer and dryer to felt the sweaters.
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    Q: Annual Renewal
    What does it mean when you purchase the lifetime cottage license that you need to do an annual renewal? Does this mean there is an annual renewal charge?

    A: No, there is no additional cost annually. I like to keep my list of licensed resellers up-to-date; so I ask for an annual confirmation that you are still using the license. And also that all the contact information I have for you is correct.
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    Q: Gauge
    Just wondering if anyone else has a problem with the gauge? I can get the height right, but not the width.

    A: I crochet very loosely so I have a couple of suggestions: 1) add the correct number of hdc to give you the gauge and then add this number to your pattern 2) just go for it! Once you make the pattern, you will understand how it all goes together and you will be able to make the appropriate adjustments.
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    Q: 2ply?
    Your patterns say to use 2 ply wool? What is the comparable in Australia?

    A: I suggest using 10 ply wool. That will give you the closest to the US/Canadian 2ply.
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    Q: Cottage License
    If I buy the longies pattern, and the license, it is 32.00 and that entitles me to make and sell as many pairs of longies as I care to?

    A: Yes, the license allows you to make and sell as many pairs as you want. We now offer lifetime licenses. The license is non transferable though.